Apple Support Services to Meet Your Industry’s Needs

Mac Detroit provides Apple support services for an array of industries—both small and large.
With every new client, we begin with an assessment of your needs and tailor our Mac management services to ensure they align with and enhance your specific business requirements.

Some of the industries serviced by our Apple Specialists:


Apple was the first computer manufacturer to support schools and education and continues to be the industry leader to this day. Because Mac computers are generally easier to use, students have a lower learning curve understanding the systems and get to work on tasks that matter the most.

We understand that education facilities typically require hundreds of Macs and/or iPads, and our Apple Specialists have the experience necessary to deploy large numbers of Apple devices school-wide.

Creative Agencies

Creative agencies rely heavily on Apple products to produce their work. We work with a number of marketing companies, PR firms, video and design agencies.

Our Apple Management Services provide the latest hardware and software updates, ensuring your staff has access to the latest applications at all times. We test software versions against each other to minimize version conflicts, relieving your staff of the worry associated with being the guinea pig on a new software version.

Healthcare and Medical

With the new Electronic Health Record (EHR) incentive programs, many medical facilities are becoming reliant on iPads for quality patient care. The mobility and easy accessibility of iPads makes them ideal for medical facilities—but deploying a number of iPads across your entire staff is a daunting task.

Let our Apple Specialists help you stay competitive.

Law Firms

Law firms have been transitioning away from PC-based offices to mixed environments and oftentimes, to all-Mac environments.

The transition from Windows to Mac can become a time-consuming process. Our Apple Specialists and Mac Management Services will work with you to ensure there is limited downtime and implementation happens quickly.

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