Recapping Our Recent Projects

November 4, 2014

Here at Mac Detroit, we’re proud of our work.

That’s why we’re excited to share some of our most recent projects and the work we’ve done in the metro Detroit area.

iPad Deployments at Local Magazine

At any publication, the sales team is often as important as the writers. That’s why it’s important that the sales team was set up for technological success when they’re outside of the office all day.

Mac Detroit delivered a round of Apple iPads to the publication’s sales team. From buying the technology to training, we took care of it all. These iPads were going to be used in the field, so setting up email accounts to sync with the sales team’s desktops and phones was important.

After the iPads were deployed, Mac Detroit team members conducted training sessions throughout the day so the sales team could use their iPads with confidence. Each member of the team received their own iPad, and learned how to use it, including tips and tricks for daily use and apps like Dropbox and E-sign.

Mac Support for Education

Mac Detroit was able to provide full-service Mac support for a local district, composed of nine separate schools. More than 40 iPads needed to be deployed for the schools. Since students would be using these during class time, the internet and apps like Facebook or games had to be inaccessible. Mac Detroit locked the iPads as necessary so the school had complete confidence in their students.

“We had to be aware of the consumer, and fit the technology to their needs,” explained Eric G., CTO of Mac Detroit.

Moreover, up to 75 computers had to be reimaged and servers maintained across the schools. Mac Detroit was able to provide full support for all schools and students.

Individual Mac Support

The helpdesk at Mac Detroit is able to provide ongoing computer, server and other remote support to current clients. The most common problems answered by the helpdesk at Mac Detroit include:

  • The folders on my Mac are missing
  • My Mac is overheating
  • My Mac won’t boot up
  • Why are the Mac servers not working

We’re very excited to continue expanding our business and providing great Mac and Apple support to metro Detroit businesses.


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