Maintaining a healthy IT environment is frequently a complex component in the already-busy schedule of most business owners.
At Mac Detroit, we work to make owning and maintaining a Mac environment as stress free as possible. Our Apple-Certified consultants have extensive knowledge on the latest software updates, product releases and security tools.

Certified Apple SupportĀ 24/7

Many companies operate outside of the 9-to-5 realm (we do, too!). Having a fully functional Mac support system in place at all times is essential to operating your business successfully.

Our Apple Specialists are committed to safeguarding your business from downtime to security risks and more. Our 24/7-service option ensures you have access to our Mac support day or night, weekday or weekend.

Our Mac support services are designed to help save time and money on your IT costs.

Solutions Provided by our Apple-Certified Consultants:

Windows to Mac Conversions

As Mac computers grow in popularity for businesses, more and more offices are seeking ways to easily transition from Windows systems to simpler Mac environments. Our certified Apple support consultants take care of this for you seamlessly, with limited or no downtime.

iPad and iPhone Deployments

We are becoming less dependent on our desktop computers and more reliant on our mobile devices to support our business needs. Mac Detroit can deploy iPads or iPhones to your workplace, no matter what size business you have.

Apple and Mac Managed Services

Detroit IT provides full-time managed IT services for Mac and mixed Mac-Win environments. We provide you with:

  • Maximum up-time through proactive maintenance and monitoring
  • The power of a full-time staff of Apple Specialists at a fraction of the cost
  • Apple IT support built around your budget
  • Secure, protected data that is always backed up
  • Best of all, our services include peace of mind

Mac Server Setup and Installation

As simple as Macs are, servers installations are no picnic for anyone. The Apple consultants at Mac Detroit will develop a customized network solution that meets your specific requirements.

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